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LBP AdvancedTech: Navy: We’re 4 Years Away From Laser Guns on Ships: Its a Science Fiction World we Live in ...

Written By Liberty Bell Press Online on Saturday, March 31, 2012 | 9:25 PM

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The dream of sailors, nerds and sailor-nerds everywhere is on the verge of coming true, senior Navy technologists swear. Within four years, they claim they’ll have a working prototype of a laser cannon, ready to place aboard a ship. And they’re just months away from inviting defense contractors to bid on a contract to build it for them.
“Subsonic cruise missiles, aircraft, fast-moving boats, unmanned aerial vehicles” — Mike Deitchman, who oversees future weapons development for the Office of Naval Research, promises Danger Room that the Navy laser cannons just over the horizon will target them all.
Or they will be, if ONR’s plans work out as promised — not exactly a strong suit of proposed laser weapons over the decades. (Note the decided lack of blast at your side.) First step in reaching this raygun reality: Finish up the paperwork. “The contract will probably have options go through four years, but depending on which laser source the vendors pick, we may be able to demo something after two years,” says Roger McGiness, who works on laser tech for Deitchman. “Our hope afterwards is to move to acquisition.”

In "The Pickle" Unexplained Wisconsin: Mysterious Clintonville Booms Caught On Tape

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video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

An audio engineer has captured on tape the sound of one of the mysterious booms that have been plaguing Clintonville over the last two weeks, and the noise sounds more like an underground explosion than an earthquake.

The sound was recorded by audio engineer Brian Sullivan.
“The first night, no luck. But, Sullivan said he captured a boom from this past Saturday, one minute before 4 a.m. It’s short, but it sounds like a boom,” reports 790 KABC.
One of the comments that keeps cropping up with regard to the Clintonville bo

SHOCKING VOTER FRAUD EXPOSED!! MUST READ! Romney lawyers rig election in ND: Santorum – Ron Paul cut out

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As the GOP nominating process grinds down to its ultimate end, the Romney campaign has turned savage in its efforts to end the process early. Open conventions and caucuses where people actually get to vote are apparently their worst nightmare.
In some state conventions fake “unity slates” are promoted, with appeals to Santorum and Gingrich delegates to join them in electing delegates that they promise represent the three campaigns proportionately but will shut out Ron Paul. The ”unity slates” are actually all Romney delegates.
In other states “Romney Rules” help make up for the candidate’s unenthusiastic support. In Idaho, for example, where Romney has a Mormon base and won 61% of the vote in a statewide beauty contest, it was nevertheless feared that the candidate would not win a single precinct election in the delegate process. In almost each of the elections, it was feared that Ron Paul supporters would have a plurality.
The solution? A backwards election. It goes like this. The candidate who gets the most votes doesn’t matter, rather the candidate with the fewest is dropped. Voting continues with successive ballots until one is left. If one candidate gets at least 50% of the counties he then gets the whole statewide delegation.

In "The Pickle" Real Strange News:Government Ethicists Argue for Post Birth Abortions.Only Thing Required To Have Liberty Is Life.

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Ethicists Argue for Post Birth Abortions

Monday, February 27, 2012 8:37 AM Comments (111)
In the Journal of Medical Ethics, two ethicists argue plainly for the killing of babies post birth. They’re not hedging their bets. They’re saying it plain and simple. And I, for one, thank them for it.
Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva, associated respectively with Monash University, in Melbourne, Australia, and with the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, in the UK, wrote a piece called “After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?”
I could buy the article for $30 and I was close to doing it but then I thought why am I giving these animals my money. I’d essentially be paying these “ethicists” to write more about the right of killing humans.
So, in the “abstract” that’s available for free at the site, it says:
Abortion is largely accepted even for reasons that do not have anything to do with the fetus’ health. By showing that (1) both fetuses and newborns do not have the same moral status as actual persons, (2) the fact that both are potential persons is morally irrelevant and (3) adoption is not always in the best interest of actual people, the authors argue that what we call ‘after-birth abortion’ (killing a newborn) should be permissible in all the cases where abortion is, including cases where the newborn is not disabled.
Here’s the thing - they’re right. If you accept their premises, they’re absolutely right.
The second we allow ourselves to become the arbiters of who is human and who isn’t, this is the calamitous yet inevitable end. Once you say all human life is not sacred, the rest is just drawing random lines in the sand.
An ethicists job is like a magician’s. The main job of both is to distract you from the obvious. The magician uses sleight of hand to pretend to make people disappear. But when ethicists do it, people disappear for real.

LBP News:Before You Vote Wisconsin:Ron Paul and His Faith in Jesus Christ,Evangelical Chuck Baldwin Endorses him and Paul's Pro-Life beliefs.

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Ron Paul talks Jesus,Faith and Billy Graham.Protestant Evangelical Chuck Baldwin Endorses "Ron Paul". Also you have to ask yourself. Which candidate has the most "Fruits of the Spirit". We can not forget honesty, peacefullness,longsuffering as well. You will see one candidate has them all.Jesus never said. "Leave your flock and go after the wolves" Hoping even they could be spared hell.Are troops lives valued to the GOP as much as babies. See we can not put a price on life.In order to have liberty we must first have life.Shouldnt Pro Life mean just that...Pro-Life.

Milwaukee's Liberty Bell Press News Blog Recieves 2300 Page Reads in First Week! Please Share!

LBP First week as "Milwaukee's Alternative News" we had 2300 pages read!! :D

Thanks and keep sharing.! Freedom is popular!


LBP NEWS : Ron Paul Media Black Out Wisconsin Exposed! By Bret Hatch. Local AM620 Station Host Admits to MSM Ban of RON PAUL!

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If there is one video to watch before you vote in Wisconsin this Tuesday and share with all voting locally this would be the video.This is a powerful eye opening video that brings all views in place by local Bret Hatch.He interviews countless often "Clueless" Political backers who say "he will change America and turn it around" But no one seems to know "How" this will be done. He also interviews a few protesters. Good piece. People of ALL walks of life and political views should see this. Its sad to see so many clueless business people. Are you not curious? Didnt those people most likely get a good education? Expensive colleges I bet.....Local Bret Hatch records local presidential candidate visits and exposes Media Black out.Local citizen Bret Hatch WE REcommend you watch it until the end the last 5 minutes are on the general caucus watch starting at 9:30. This is what is

In "The Pickle" TopSecret:Read the FBI Memo: Agents Can ‘Suspend the Law’

Written By Liberty Bell Press Online on Friday, March 30, 2012 | 3:16 PM

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The FBI once taught its agents that they can “bend or suspend the law” as they wiretap suspects. But the bureau says it didn’t really mean it, and has now removed the document from its counterterrorism training curriculum, calling it an “imprecise” instruction. Which is a good thing, national security attorneys say, because the FBI’s contention that it can twist the law in pursuit of suspected terrorists is just wrong.
“Dismissing this statement as ‘imprecise’ is a rather unsatisfying response given the very precise lines Congress and the courts have repeatedly drawn between what is and is not permissible, even in counterterrorism cases, over the past decade,

In "The Pickle" UNEXPLAINED WISCONSIN:Could Construction Underground for Nuclear Missle Bases Be The Cause For Clintonville Quakes,Nuclear Weapons on a Highway Near You

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Big rigs with bombs are secretly cruising America's interstates. But how safe are they from terrorists or accidents?

Nuclear trucking routes in the US: Jeff BerlinNuclear trucking routes in the US Jeff Berlin
"Is that it?" My wife leans forward in the passenger seat of our sensible hatchback and points ahead to an 18-wheeler that's hauling ass toward us on a low-country stretch of South Carolina's Highway 125. We've been heading west from I-95 toward the Savannah River Site nuclear facility on the Georgia-South Carolina border, in search of nuke truckers. At first the mysterious big rig resembles a commercial gas tanker, but the cab is pristine-looking and there's a simple blue-on-white license plate: US GOVERNMENT. It blows by too quickly to determine whether it's part of the little-known US fleet tasked with transporting some of the most sensitive cargo in existence.

LBP National News:Obama Impeachment Bill Introduced to Congress:The Real Joker

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North Carolina’s own Representative, Walter B. Jones has just intoroduced legislation to the U.S. House that would make Obama’s over-zealous militry actions impeachable. Jones’ resolution claims that should the President employ the use of offensive military force without approval of Congress, he would be liable to be impeached. “Specifically, Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution reserves for Congress alone the power to declare war, a restriction that has been sorely tested in recent years, including Obama’s authorization of military force in Libya.” Jones’ actions were spurred by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s efforts to get approval to bomb Syria from NATO and the United Nations instead of from Congress.
Didn’t we all learn in middle school that one of the reserved powers of Congress is the power to declare war and that the President needs its approval to declare it himself? Nowhere does the Constitution give NATO or the United Nations any say in when
and where the U.S. deploys its troops. Jones has received much suppo

Liberty Bell Press: Wisconsin Media that does report Ron Paul's Madison Visit of 5200 as "College Kids showing up" We beg to differ..

Ron Paul Madtown 5200 "College Students" must be getting older or just losing alot of hair.Not denying that there was not alot of "college age" people but C'mon What ever happened to honest news.......

Liberty Bell Press In Politics: Where would the Founding Fathers fit into today's political climate?

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How would our founding fathers feel about todays political climate? They would regard the size and scope of modern government as completely beyond all propriety.Most would fall into the Libertarian party. they wanted to maximize freedom, while minimizing the power of government. If they saw the size and scope of our current government, and the amount it taxes us, they would probably go straight into cardiac arrest.  Though all the founding fathers were good people, this is kind of a blanket question.Here's the thing: The founding fathers did not all agree with everything each other said. Just like our current government, they all had very different ideas and beliefs. The winning side, the antifederalists, were very libertarian. This group included people like Thomas Jefferson and other greats. However, there was a group called the federalists that were almost exactly like today's democratic party,


Written By Liberty Bell Press Online on Thursday, March 29, 2012 | 9:11 PM


Milwaukee Mustangs QB RJ Archer drops back to throw against the Cleveland Gladiators. Archer threw for 2,353 passing yards and 27 touchdowns in the 2011 season.The Mustangs' offense certainly clicked in a 71-65 season-opening loss to Arizona last weekened. So there's good reason to believe that quarterback Gino Guidugli will be able to put points on the board against a vulnerable New Orleans defense that allowed 341 yards and yielded 63 points in a 63-62 loss to the Philadelphia Soul. Milwaukee travels to New Orleans on Friday to face another team looking for its first win of the season. want to delete this page?


In "The Pickle" 48 years apart: Lightning strikes kill dad, son


48 years apart: Lightning strikes kill dad, son

Friday, July 15, 2011

Nora Muchanic Reports:
The story seems almost unbelievable, but the bark blown off an old sycamore tree is a reminder this tragedy is all too real.  It was in a Hammonton backyard that 54-year-old Stephen Rooney was struck by lightning at a family barbeque July 3rd as he stepped away from the crowd to light a cigar.  The party host, Rooney's cousin and next door neighbor, Funzi Digerolamo, says a giant bolt shook the yard. "Hit the tree, went up the tree.

In "The Pickle" Real Strange News:Billions of Habitable Alien Planets Should Exist in Our Galaxy


In "The Pickle" TopSecret:FBI and CIA were too busy fighting each other to avert 9/11

A hijacked commercial plane crashes into the World Trade Center 11 September 2001 in New York (AFP Photo / Seth McAccalister)FBI and CIA were too busy fighting each other. A hijacked commercial plane crashes into the World Trade Center 11 September 2001 in New York (AFP Photo / Seth McAccalister) TRENDS:9/11 tragedy . In 1999 the US had the opportunity to potentially stop the 9/11 attacks in New York City, but failed due to internal disputes between the Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigations and National Security Agency. In that same year the Taliban had settled on a license with an American company, Afghan Wireless Communications, to build a cell-phone and Internet system in Afghanistan. The stealthy arrangement which was dubbed “Operation Foxden,” would have given access to the US government to monitor all al-Qaeda and Taliban phone calls and e-mails. “Had this network been built with the technology that existed in 2000, it would have been a priceless intelligence asset,” said an unnamed former NSA official to David Rose a contributing editor for Vanity Fair. Afghan Wireless “was one tool we could have put in Afghanistan that could have made a difference,”added another former spy, this time from the CIA.

In "The Pickle" TOPSECRET!:TSA shown as a scam TSA nude body scanners: Blogger exposes loophole in $1billion fleet

Written By Liberty Bell Press Online on Wednesday, March 28, 2012 | 8:34 PM

How to get ANYTHING through TSA nude body scanners: Blogger exposes loophole in $1billion fleet

  • Jonathan Corbett claims he could easily smuggle explosives onto a plane
  • Strip-search scanners banned in Europe over cancer fears
Could bad TSA scanners be another example of the Federal Government and"Pork Barrel Spending"? Cracked: Jonathan Corbett's video shows how he smuggled a metal case through scanners at two airports.Controversial nude body scanners used at U.S. airports have come under fire again - after a blogger claimed he could easily smuggle explosives through them onto a plane.Engineer Jonathan Corbett has published a video where he shows how he took a small metal case through two of the TSA's $1billion fleet in a special side pocket stitched into his shirt.This is because, he suggests, the scanners blend metallic areas into the dark background - so if an object is not directly placed on the body, it will not show up on the scan.

LBP National News: TSA Caught In More Blatant Lies To Cover Its Own Back

Like Liberty Bell Press On Facebook Claims non-prohibited items were never confiscated despite multiple accounts proving they were

The TSA has once again been caught blatantly lying to the public in an effort to cover the ridiculous actions of its own employees.
Last week stories once again began to circulate about the TSA agents on power trips confiscating erroneous items such as multi tools and nail clippers. Worse still, the passengers they took the items from were fully armed soldiers returning from Afghanistan.
On its official blog the TSA once again denied that any of the stories were true, and implied that they had all been made up to make the agency look bad.
The TSA blog also linked to a previous post “debunking” the stories and claiming that it was an “urban legend” that nail clippers had ever been confiscated from anybody because they are not prohibited items.
With evidence presented in just a few comments on the blog however, it becomes clear that the TSA is once again telling bald faced lies.
One commenter points to several different mainstream news articles in which accounts of TSA agents confiscating nail clippers are mentioned:
“Ever wonder what happened to those nail clippers confiscated before boarding a plane? Monica Novotny found that seized items may be up for for sale online.”

In "The Pickle" Unexplained Wisconsin: Seismometer Station Rules Out Earthquakes As Cause of Clintonville Booms

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Despite official claims to the contrary, early data from a seismometer station in Wisconsin rules out earthquakes as an explanation for last night’s mysterious booms in the town of Clintonville, as residents continue to clamor for answers amidst increasing suspicion.

After the US Geological Survey explained last week’s booms by noting they had found a previously undiscovered earthquake hit the town on Tuesday (despite the fact that the booms were first reported the previous Sunday), city officials declared the situation “case closed”.
However, the booms returned again last night louder than before, with police receiving dozens of calls from concerned residents from 10:35pm onwards.
Ignoring skepticism from residents towards the ‘earthquake’ explanation, city administrator Lisa Kuss again blamed natural seismic activity during television interviews this morning, despite the fact that Wisconsin is rarely hit by earthquakes and to have two in the space of a week is unheard of.
However, with Kuss set to talk with the USGS again today, early indications suggest that last night’s booms did not correlate with any earthquake activity in the state.
“A preliminary review of seismic activity recorded at two permanent seismometer stations in Wisconsin did not indicate even a low-level earthquake at Clintonville late Tuesday, a spokesman for the National Earthquake Information Center in Golden, Colo., said,” reports the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel.

Liberty Bell Press AdvancedTech:Refrigerator magnet lets you order pizza with a single push of a button

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Designed to appeal to consumers that are looking for speed and efficiency when ordering food, a pizza joint has created a one-step process to getting a pizza delivered to the front door.

push-for-hungerCreated by a Dubai-based restaurant called Red Tomato Pizza, the wood-fired pizza place has designed a fridge magnet that will allow consumers to order a pizza for delivery by pressing the magnet one time. In order to enable the one-touch process, the user syncs the ‘VIP Fridge Magnet’ via Bluetooth with a smartphone. The user sets up their favorite type of pizza order online and this specific selection will be tied to the user’s account. As noted by Mashable, the magnet is in the shape of a small pizza box with a lid that opens up, likely designed to avoid accidental button presses.

In "The Pickle" Real Strange News:'Sea Monster' In South Carolina Said Likely A Sturgeon

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'Sea Monster' In South Carolina Said Likely A Sturgeon (PHOTO)
With an odd, greenish pattern, this creature didn't look like anything the locals had ever seen when it washed up in Folly Beach, just South of Charleston, S.C. on Friday, March 22. Some were quick to call it a "sea monster," but scientists say its actual identity is a bit more mundane.
South Carolina Sea MonsterDr. Shane Boylan, a veterinarian at the South Carolina Aquarium (SCA), saw a photograph of the beast and quickly identified it as a sturgeon. He said the body shape and the bone plates along the side gave it away. And the strange colors? They're likely evidence of rotting, or what Boylan calls a "necrotic tan." Most sturgeon are silvery or greenish, so beach-goers who had never seen a rotten one might not have recognized it.
After Live 5 News posted the image on Facebook, commenter Cindy Fabian noted, "It looks like the result of the BP oil disaster to me; serious mutation!"
It's not clear what's become of the specimen. The aquarium's Kate Dittloff told The Huffington Post that the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources which normally cleans up dead animals, would have only done so if the creature had been deemed a threat.
Sturgeons have been around for millions of years,

In "The Pickle" The Critical Thinker: Why Do People Talk In Their Sleep?

In "The Pickle"TopSecret!:Bombs Away: How the Air Force Sold Its Risky New $55 Billion Plane

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Maintainers and crew chiefs prepare B-2 stealth bombers for Operation Odyssey Dawn on March 19, 2011. Photo: USAF

B-2In an instant, four tons of steel and explosives slammed into the 522-foot-long warship Schenectady, blowing it apart in a cataclysm of smoke, dust and sound. Overhead, a pair of U.S. Air Force Boeing B-52 bombers orbited, one of them having just released four laser-guided bombs. The huge, eight-engine warplanes had flown directly from Louisiana to attack the decommissioned Navy landing ship as part of an exercise near Hawaii on Nov. 23, 2004.

Schenectady’s dramatic destruction marked a turning point in the Pentagon’s approach to aerial warfare, and led directly to one of the flying branch’s riskiest-ever investments. The sinking of the Schenectady by the Air Force was meant to prove to the flying branch’s reluctant Pentagon masters that bombers could play an important role in a major ocean battle against China and its gigantic navy. In underscoring bombers’ usefulness, the Hawaii demonstration was also part of the Air Force’s efforts to get the Defense Department to sign off on a new bomber program. Two years later, the Air Force got its wish when the

Fear of radiation from Fukushima accident led to psychiatric disorder hospitalizations

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Some 24.4 percent of people who were hospitalized in Fukushima with psychiatric disorders in the wake of the outbreak of the crisis at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant had done so possibly because of fears of radiation exposure, according to the results of research conducted by psychiatrists at Fukushima Medical University.
It has also been found that of all the outpatients at 27 hospitals in Fukushima Prefecture, 30 percent of them visited hospital apparently for reasons related to the nuclear crisis, according to the research conducted by psychiatrist Akira Wada and others at Fukushima Medical University. There is no data available in the world on the effects of nuclear accidents on psychiatric diseases that were taken immediately after a nuclear accident, and therefore Fukushima Medical University plans to conduct a follow-up study on the effects on patients of the major nuclear accident and prolonged lives as evacuees.

What Wisconsin Media wont tell you! Due to the overhwelming demand for tickets, Ron Paul has been moved to a new venue

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You dont see this at Santorums State Tour? Due to the overhwelming demand for tickets, this event has been moved to a new venue If
 your original ticket listed Stock Paviliion, it is still valid -- you do not need to sign up again.  Simply bring your voucher with you any time between 6:00 PM and 6:30 PM, and you can enter the Memorial Union Terrace (waterfront) before the general public.

Event: Ron Paul at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Date: Thursday, March 29, 2012 at 7:00 PM (CT)
Memorial Union Terrace - Waterfront
800 Langdon Street
Madison, WI 53706
For more information click here:
Ron Paul at the University of Wisconsin-Madison - Youth for Ron Paul

In "The Pickle"TopSecret!: Was the cure for cancer robbed from Dr. Sam Chachoua? Mt Sanai Reported 99% Effective results.

So let me tell you about a cure for cancer and, sadly, how the entrenched medical forces tried to suppress it. First we want to distinguish between curing and healing. A cure gets rid of the problem, usually done by a doctor or health care provider,
whereas healing means getting rid of the problem by going to the root cause and eradicating it. Healing takes place within the individual, because of the individual and her/his efforts to change his/her life and lifestyle. Cures come from someone outside the individual. This is the story of a cure.

We've already pointed out the Pharmaceutical Industry's interests in health care. If you haven't seen this article, just click here. And for a complete history of how modern medicine has become a rich monopoly, see this: Health Care for Dummies.

In the Beginning....

Republican Security Advisers Tied to $40 Billion in Contracts Tied to GOP Candidates BLOOMBERG Reports.MISSLE MAKERS and More!

Bloomberg Reports:

National security advisers to the Republican presidential candidates have ties to defense, homeland security and energy companies that have received at least $40 billion in federal contracts since 2008.
Five of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s 41 national security and foreign policy advisers have links to companies that last year alone received at least $7.9 billion in federal contracts, according to data compiled by Bloomberg Government analyst Christopher Flavelle. Of that, $7.3 billion came from the Department of Defense.

In "The Local Legend" The "Milwaukee Badgers" NFL Story

Written By Liberty Bell Press Online on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 | 11:36 AM

The Milwaukee Badgers were a professional American football team based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that played in the National Football League from 1922 to 1926. The team played its home games at Athletic Park, later known as Borchert Field, on Milwaukee's north side.

Anna Gristina: Child Sex Ring Linked TO GOVERMENT OFFICIALS,ELITE BANKERS, AND FORTUNE 500 Business Executives!

Sex scandal unfolds in New York City, $2M MEDIA BLACKOUT ON ISSUE AND CASE!

Anna Gristina was allegedly running a prostitution ring out of an Upper East Side apartment.
Madam Anna Gristina was arrested last week for running a multimillion dollar prostitution ring from an apartment building in Manhattan's Upper East Side. The legal Scottish immigrant and married mother of four is being held at Rikers Island Jail with a $2 million bond.

The investigation into Gristina's sex ring has lasted over five years and although she's been held for a week, the case didn't reach national attention until a press conference from her lawyer, Peter Gleason, on March 6 and an appearance on "Good Day, New York."
Gleason's actions were in response to hearings from an unnamed

School Ban's Hugs , American People Now one Step closer to Vulcanization

Banning Hugs at School One Step Closer to Police State!

The public schools which deem themselves good enough to teach our children sex education, hand out condoms and be the "parent" for your child" are now wanting you to help banning hugs from public schools to help get our children ready for the "real business world".This is completely unconstitutional.The governments purpose is not to protect us from ourselves but aginst tyranny and maintain justice and our freedoms.Benjamin Franklin once said,“People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both”.

In "The Pickle" TOPSECRET!People Ignore Shocking News! For The Record: Rockefeller Soft Kill Depopulation Plans Exposed

Written By Liberty Bell Press Online on Monday, March 26, 2012 | 9:16 AM

Jurriaan Maessen
March 26, 2012
In the course of August and September 2010, I wrote several articles for Infowars on the Rockefeller Foundation’s admitted funding and developing of anti-fertility vaccines intended for “mass-scale distribution.” As the soft-kill depopulation agenda accelerates it seems all the more relevant to re-post these articles as one. I ask the great Infowars-readership to project this information out to as many people as possible. Only by countering the elite’s disinformation with genuine information do we stand a chance against their plans for humanity.
Jurriaan Maessen
1: Rockefeller Foundation Developed Vaccines For “Mass-Scale” Fertility Reduction
In its 1968 yearly report, the Rockefeller Foundation acknowledged funding the development of so-called “anti-fertility vaccines” and their implementation on a mass-scale. From page 51 onward we read:
(…) several types of drugs are known to diminish male fertility, but those that have been tested have serious problems of toxicity. Very little work is in progress on immunological methods, such as vaccines, to reduce fertility, and much more research is required if a solution is to be found here.

In "The Pickle" TopSecret! NSA Chief Denies Domestic Spying But Whistleblowers Say Otherwise

NSA chief General Keith Alexander, Courtesy NSA
In a rare break from the NSA’s tradition of listening but not speaking, NSA chief General Keith Alexander was grilled Tuesday on the topic of eavesdropping on Americans in front of a House subcommittee.
The questioning from Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Georgia) was prompted by Wired’s cover story this month on the NSA’s growing reach and capabilities, but leaves Americans with as many questions about the reach of spy agency’s powers as they had before Alexander spoke.
Alexander denied, in carefully parsed words, that the NSA has the power to monitor Americans’ communications without getting a court warrant.
But Alexander’s comments fly in the face of people who actually helped create the agency’s eavesdropping and data mining infrastructure. Few people know that system as well as William Binney, who served as the technical director for the agency’s M Group, which stood for World Geopolitical Military Analysis and Reporting, the giant 6,000-person organization responsible for eavesdropping on most of the world.
He was also the founder and co-director of the agency’s Signals Intelligence Automation Research Center, which helped automate that eavesdropping network. Binney decided to leave after a long career rather than be involved in the agency warrantless eavesdropping program, a program he said involves secret monitoring facilities in ten to twenty large telecom switches around the country, such as the one discovered in San Francisco’s AT&T installation a few years ago.
Historically, the NSA’s initial response has always been to either deny or evade when confronted with issues involving eavesdropping on Americans. For decades the agency secretly hid from Congress the fact that it was copying, without a warrant, virtually every telegram traveling through the United States, a program known as Project Shamrock. Then it hid from Congress the fact tha

In "The Pickle" Real Strange News:What is Pink Slime?

What?When is Jack N The Box Coming To Milwaukee! Gross Mcd's Real Gross.

Exposed: Concerted Effort by Establishment to Steal Ron Paul’s Delegates

Doug Wead, a New York Times best selling author and a senior adviser for the Ron Paul presidential campaign, writes on his blog today that Alex Hayes, director of establishment Republicans in Washington State, made the claim that the Romney-Santorum-Gingrich campaigns are pushing a common slate of candidates in Washington State to block Ron Paul’s campaign from taking delegates.
“The apparent move on the part of the Romney-Santorum-Gingrich campaigns is to block citizens favoring Ron Paul from taking over the Washington State delegation to Tampa,” Wead writes.
Ron Paul has gained delegates at the expense of both Romney and Santorum. “States such as Missouri, where Senator Santorum won a meaningless beauty contest, will see a sizable Ron Paul representation, as will Minnesota, Maine, Colorado, Nevada and Iowa. In Nevada, on the first ballot, the delegates, even if Ron Paul supporters, must vote for candidates proportionately as they finished in the Nevada Statewide beauty contest. But they can vote their conscience on the second ballot,” Doug Wead explains.
Over the weekend, a video emerged showing how establishment Republicans in Missouri connived to rob Ron Paul of delegates:

A covert camera caught Alex Hayes explaining how the establishment in Washington State plans to rig the election against Paul. Hayes said the idea of a prearranged slate will probably be adopted on the national level.

Wead says that he is not sure if Hayes and the Republican election machine will push a united Romney-Santorum-Gingrich slate and attempt to disenfranchise Paul.
“On the other hand, if Mr. Hayes is exaggerating or not telling the truth, if the Romney-Santorum-Gingrich campaigns have not agreed on a common slate, then you are getting a look at how political power brokers play backroom games to disenfranchise the majority of their own party. You are seeing how people in power, cling to the little bit of power they have and are willing to lie or cheat to keep it,” he writes.
The Republican establishment will do whatever it can get away with to cheat Ron Paul and his supporters before the convention in August.

Obama's Favorite Congressman gets Award from Commies

Written By Liberty Bell Press Online on Sunday, March 25, 2012 | 10:22 AM


Andrew Breitbart had fallen, but his people at are carrying on his work.
Here is another video in Breitbart’s quest to do the job that the media deliberately neglected to do in 2008 — vetting the man known variously as Barry Soetoro Stephen Dunham Barack Hussein Obama.
Birds of a feather flock together. This is what Wikipedia says about Barack’s favorite Congressman:
Danny K. Davis is the U.S. Representative for Illinois’s 7th congressional district, serving since 1997. He is a member of the Democratic Party.

Sunday Faith:Christianity :The Big Bang Theory!!!??

What is the Big Bang Theory? Why is it important to know how to defend your faith?Read on...

We would not normally consider it necessary to explain how a theory works that we don’t even believe in. However, there are a lot of misunderstandings about the Big Bang theory. This includes misunderstandings amongst fellow creationists, who therefore sometimes end up opposing ideas that the Big Bang theorists don’t even believe in. This article is therefore an attempt to understand a little of what the theory is about, and why, as creationists, we do not accept it. Please note that this is a beginner-level article. Many Big Bang theorists may therefore complain that I have simplified some concepts. However, I have only done so in the same way as a secular High School textbook writer might do.

How did it start?

The originators—George Lemaitre, a Belgium, struck on the basic idea in 1927;

The Sunday Faith:Christian Thinker:How Could Light Have Traveled Millions of Years?

Sunday School With the Liberty Bell Press,


One of the most common questions thrown at creationists is to ask them to explain how light could have traveled millions of years across the universe, if the universe is only 6,000 years old.
Such a question actually contains its own misunderstanding of the facts. It is an issue of terminology. The distance to stars is usually measured in light years. A light year is a unit of distance, not a unit of time. It obviously has a relationship to time, in this sense: Light is observed to travel at a speed of approximately 186,000 miles per second, through a vacuum. Therefore, in a year, we can calculate that the light should have traveled:
186,000 x 365.25 x 24 x 60 x 60 = 5,869,713,600,000 miles, or about 6 trillion miles

VIOLATION OF FREEDOMS!!! Homeowner Arrested, Strip-Searched For Siding Violion

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