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The Critical Thinker: Who will be controlling the 30,000 Drones that Taxpayers pay for? The end to privacy as we know it!

Written By Liberty Bell Press Online on Saturday, June 16, 2012 | 12:01 PM

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Is this a mosquito? No. It represents an insect spy drone. These machines are already in production, funded by the US Government. They can be remotely controlled and equipped with a camera and a microphone. They may be able to land on you, and may have the potential to take a DNA sample or leave RFID tracking nanotechnology on your skin. They can fly through an open window, or attach to your cloth...ing until you take them in your home. Given a propensity to request macro-sized drones for surveillance, one is left with little doubt that police and military are into these gadgets . 

            How do they tell wrong from right? How do they know this when scientists have been trying to explain morality with no avail? What happens if there is a mistake? Why can we be an open book and the government needs to hide everything? How can we trust that it will not be abused? If our lives are to be such an open book why does
the government put whistle blowers in jail?


           So my question is who controls these drones? If it is humans, the system is ripe for abuse. What about the sunbather in the privacy of their backyard? What about 2 love birds in their pool going for a late night swim? What about the man fertilizing his lawn and planting a garden all of a sudden is a terrorist suspect and can be arrested for having bomb making materials? What about the most intimate moments a husband and wife can share while a mosquito sized drone sits perched on the heating vent? What about person who curses under his breath and says things he does not mean as the Mosquito Drone listens for key words that may seem threatening? What about the discussion of critical thought between 2 great minds that do not agree with the government? What about drones sounds like a good idea? What do drones have to offer humanity other than a life of terror and walking on egg shells? What do drones have to offer other than terror and fear of the government? What do drones have to offer than a toy for the evil and abusers?

       Why do drones come weapon ready if they are for public use? Why do we need drones if you are more likely to die from a shark attack than a terrorist? If more people die from a shark attack why do we not higher more lifeguards? Why do we have the TSA if the NUDE body scanners have been proven a fraud and seldom work? Does it not put us at risk unless we pat down everyone? If an attack on Al Qaeda is Imminent then why do we have a faulty Tsa system that allows groping and touching? Why are the TSA setting up checkpoints across the nation if you’re more likely to die from a TV falling on you than a terrorist attack? Why is the government purchasing 450 million rounds of flesh piercing ammo for HOMELAND security? Why did the government purchase 420 million food rations for FEMA camps? Why does the department of Homeland Security need 2700 Armored Tanks for United States citizens? Why do they need to order a huge amount of bullet proof check point hubs? Why do FEMA camp fences point inward? Do they expect you to want to leave them? If the government is preparing for CIVIL WAR what is the cause of the war? If the top economists believe it is because of the US dollar being stripped of World Reserve Currency status shouldn’t we know this? If the US Dollar is losing its world reserve currency status why does the government not tell us to prepare for it? Does this mean all our money, social security, 401k, Welfare to possibly be gone over night? If this is true then why do we not form an alternative sound currency to transition to instead of buying bullets to prepare?

    If an attack by Al Qaeda is imminent why are we arming them openly to fight in Syria? If we are arming them does this mean we have a working relationship with them? If we have a working relationship with them how long has it been going on? If Al Qaeda is no longer a terror threat do we still need the NDAA Bill that passed December 31st that Obama signed that allows us to detain "Domestic Terrorists" Indefinitely without jury or trial? Does Obama then need a "Kill List" he has so openly supported? If the government influence 90% of the media and the other 10% that is free is online is there a connection between CISPA and Free speech? If Bush does not pass the "Patriot Act" Do we have drones in the sky today? If we are hated because we are free why did they not attack Sweden, France, Germany, Finland, Spain, Australia and countless other nations? If the United States is the only nation between ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and individual LIBERTY should we not suspect foul play? If there is a One WORLD GOVERNMENT plan who is in charge? If the Bilderberg meeting is real why has it been denied for 60 years? If the head of media and news attends this Bilderberg meetings can we trust the 90%? If the top bankers attend Bilderberg can we assume they are smart enough to know how to create a housing bubble and know the end result? If Bill Gates believes in eugenics and wants death panels are other like minded power hungry people attending these meetings? If these people could conspire could some of them be involved in the 9/11 incident?   If  9/11 never happened do we still have a free and sovereign nation not headed towards a police state? What does a police state look like? If the United States was to become one would it happen over night or slowly without anyone noticing? Which would lead to the least resistance?  If 9/11 never happens do we have Drones, Checkpoints, Armored Tanks, Fema Camps, Department of Homeland Security, TSA, CISPA, the NDAA BILL,and the AMERICAN PATRIOT GIVING UP ALL THESE FREEDOMS? If all of this means admitting that RON PAUL is right does that mean we vote for ROMNEY and or OBAMA? If Romney and OBAMA have the same cabinet does that mean they have the same agenda? If GOLDMAN -Sachs was bailed out where did they get the money to be both Obama and Romney's top Lobbyists and top financial supporters? Why does Rothchild and GOldman Sachs have diplomatic immunity unless they are protected for a reason? If that reason is to conspire and collapse a financial system there has to be a fall guy? What if the housing bubble and the American Patriots are just that fall guy.....?  What if they want to destroy the Republic isnt this how they would do it? Isnt this what the trrorists would want? To strip our freedoms? What if the terrorists are really the big bankers of the world who planned the housing bubble? What if those bankers where bailed out by American citizens? What if those same bankers fund our 2 main candidates running for president today?


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